Robert De Niro Meet The Parents

Famed for his method acting techniques and collaborations with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro is one of cinema’s true greats. Whether portraying a broken down boxer in Raging Bull or a crazed comedy fan in The King of Comedy, Robert De Niro has crafted a body of work that is almost unparalleled. Here we present [...]


Since forming in 1985, Studio Ghibli has a well-earned reputation for top quality animation with a unique and distinct feel. Although they may have adopted more modern techniques these days, their style still has a traditional feel. This approach along with their flair for storytelling and unmatched imagination puts them on a pedestal, highly regarded [...]


Natalie Portman’s Oscar winning turn as obsessed ballerina Nina in Black Swan is just one in a long list of films featuring women who have lost their grip on reality and gone plummeting over the edge into madness and violence. In fact, film history has provided audiences with a staple diet of crazy women over [...]


Writing engaging, original dialogue with wit and subtext that reveals character is one of the toughest elements to any screenplay. That’s why it’s simply easier not to bother and, instead, to resort to the same tired, trite lines we’ve heard a million times before. This list could have had a hundred entries. Easily. 10. “Oh [...]


John Cusack, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore… The ‘Brat Pack’ were a group of young and up-and-coming stars in the 80s who frequently acted in “teen” movies (often directed by John Hughes). In those ‘good old days’ (before I and many of us were born) when the brat-packers ran the screen, teenage [...]


Clint Eastwood is one of cinemas most enduring and iconic actors and directors. His output in the sixties and seventies was defined by his role as ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan and the mythology of his Man with No Name. Eastwood became the personification of maverick cool and gun-slinging masculinity sending bad guys to the grave. Here [...]


Films are made to be watched on the big screen and plenty of movies acknowledge the cinema tradition by sending their characters down to the local multiplex. This list covers regular punters, actors, film-makers themselves, and some fictional Nazis. It must have been Orange Wednesday. 10. Ed Wood Depp’s Ed Wood arrives to the premiere [...]


This may be a bit of a controversial list because Bicentennial Man was really, really bad, but most children of the ‘80s will remember growing up during the ‘90s watching classic American family films. This was Robin Williams’ heyday, when he became popular for doing his stupid voices and playing the fool. The kids lapped [...]


Among the many horror sub genres lurks that of the haunted house. From ghosts in the attic to monsters in the basement, this type of scare factor has been re-imagining itself through the means of cinema for decades. Here are the ten you should keep one eye open for. 10. House Aptly named, we kick [...]


Whether historical rulers, or imagined monarchs, cinema manages to make a great story for anyone in a position of power, particularly if they’re female and they’re on the feisty side. This list comprises some of the best Queens we’ve had the pleasure of watching, and we hope you enjoy the recap of these great performances. [...]