How you can Perform the Magic Methods

I have been a component-time magician for several years. It produce a status like a “MAGIC” man among my buddies and colleagues. Since I am not really a professional, Irrrve never experience stage. Things I do is known as “close-up” magic methods. Which means I only bet additional numbers with a small amount of audience, namely one to five persons once. The special moment methods I play are quite simple ones. I have fun with coins, paper, cards, a glass of beer, a bit of tissue, or anything around us. The end result is big. Everyone loves my magic. If you’re able to play magic methods effectively before one individual 3 occasions, he’ll recognize you like a magician constantly.

Things I want to express today isn’t a magic trick how-to, however, many suggestions and tips within the magic show. That’s something I accrued previously years like a magician.

#1 Pratice.

You cant ever practice an excessive amount of. Always spent some minutes everyday on magic methods, particularlly if individuals brand new ones. You need to make certain things are destined to be fine prior to the show time. Magic is definitely an entertaining business. It’s faster to get rid of your credits rather than win them.

When practice, convey a big mirror before you if at all possible. You will get benefits using your mirror. It provide you with an audience’s position when you are watching your personal performing. Be cautious about your fingers’ moves, facial expressions, and more importantly, the timing. In short, mirror is other people you know in magic world.

#2 Never disclose the key

Yes. Never do this! I remember when i disclosed some strategies of my magic methods to my buddies. They do not feel thinking about my magic show anymore until I learn newer and more effective methods. You’ll lose an enjoyable experience should you choose that.

But, you might ask, what if they’re very insistent? My suggestion is the fact that possess some easy methods in your wallet as backups. You are able to give individuals backup methods for your buddies. It’ll make you appear a lot more like a magic man. But, Once more here, never disclose the strategies of your very best methods. You might lose 50% of the hardcore fans the next time.

#3 Misleading your audience

This can be a gold rule in magic world. Some magic methods are extremely simple. Everyone might find due to you if you do not you must do everything that you can do to mislead these to the incorrect directions. Don’t let them know what you will do at the very first time. Keeping the goal before the last moment can make your show a overwhelming success. Allow them to get off track when you direct everything. You may also pretend that you’re not sure whether it can be done effectively.(obviously you realize you may make it because you have praticed it)

#4 Don’t replicate a trick with similar group

You have to master several trick. Should you choose exactly the same factor one of the same viewers, they’ll immediately understand what you will do next. They’ll pay great attentions towards the points that was misleaded on your part before. Also you won’t make sure they are satisfying or dazzling as the very first time.